Friday, April 15, 2016

V-coool 2 Layer Cooler Backpack

Yeayyy, 2 layer cooler bacpack yang comel-comel dari V-Coool ni dah sampai!
Bukan setakat comel, pembelian setiap bag akan dapat 1 set ice packs PERCUMA.
Best ke best?

Ada warna: Pink, Blue, Peach

Harga: RM125
PosLaju: RM10 SM / RM18 SS

Untuk order, WhatsApp Haibibi 0126272464 (NO call) sekarang.

Product Details
  • backpack design, can be carried easily and comfortably
  • 2 layers - dry (pump or baby clothes); wet (ice packs, drinks, milk, fruits, etc.)
  • keeps your breast milk, food and drinks chilled
  • one large front zip pocket good to store cards, coins or a small pump
  • smart divider designed to protect your back
  •  made of waterproof fabric and lining
  • insulated foam insert to keep breast milk, food and drink chilled for hours
  • waterproof bottom, easy to clean
  • can breast milk or drink chilled for 6-16 hours if used with two ice packs.
  • hot food or drink can be kept warm for around 3-4 hours