Sunday, July 17, 2016

Holabebe Cloth Diapers

Jom dapatkan cloth diaper dengan corak-corak terbaru Holabebe ni.
Memang comel. :) Pasti lagi comel kalau bayi anda yang pakai. Tak perlu pakai seluar di luar dah sebab CD ni dah memang sedia comel hehehe.

1 set ada 1 CD + 1 insert.
Harga: RM33/set
PosLaju: RM6 SM / RM9 SS

WhatsApp Haibibi untuk order ==> 0126272464
(*Tolong jangan call k. Tq.)

* One size fits all

Product Description:
- Soft and smooth to touch.
- Antibiosis, anti-bacteria by nature.
- Washable, reusable
- Adjustable buttons allow the nappy to grow from birth to fit most shapes till 2 years old.
- Snaps style fastenings for quick and easy change.
- Super absorbent and fast drying material prevents moisture seeping back onto baby’s skin.
- Special and unique insert designed for easy removal of the super absorbent layer.